Closeup of Bratwurst sausage on the grill

Bringing the authentic taste of German street food to your event

We are a family run mobile event catering business based in Aberdeenshire. Being huge fans of German food, we decided to bring the authentic taste of Bratwurst, Currywurst, Schnitzel and Frikadellen to the event scene both in the North East and all over Scotland.

Our food is sourced both from Germany and also from two fantastic local suppliers here in the North East. The bratwursts are sourced directly from Germany and our chicken schnitzel and the 8oz frikadellen burgers are made by our local award-winning butcher – Ewan Morrice of Stuartfield. Our bread subs are made by local award-winning artisan bakery ‘The Bread Guy’ in Aberdeen and are delivered freshly baked to our events.

Edelwurst Catering gazebo at an Aberdeenshire castle

We can cater for all different sizes and styles of events

Our 4x4m gazebo is perfect for smaller events with our colourful signage around the canopy. We cook our food in our famous German Schwenker Grill which is fuelled by BBQ charcoals in the large fire pit – this certainly catches the eye and creates some theatre to the cooking process and fills the air with delicious cooking smells.

For the bigger events we attend we have our brand new 6m long retro ‘Airstream’ food trailer. This is a fully functional food trailer capable of producing large volumes of meals when demand requires.

The Airstream is resplendent in a 50’s retro style mirrored outside covering and is handmade to the highest specification, with a detail that is second to none. The manufacturer keeps the authentic look and feel based on the vehicle’s original exterior design while housing twenty-first-century functionality for the mobile catering industry.

Mike grilling Bratwurst on the German Schwenker grill
Sausages on a grill

Happy customers


“tasty sausages served with a smile
- can't wait to try again”

The Edelwurst Catering gazebo